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There are two paths to high-performance – burnout and effective, energizing strategies that bring balance, success and happiness. Spiritual Earth gives you and your company the tools and thinking strategies that will enable you and your team to focus, overcome blocks and connect to your potential and ultimately be at your best at work, rest and play.

Calodagh McCumiskey


About Calodagh

Calodagh McCumiskey is a wellbeing expert, life coach and meditation teacher. She is the founder and director of Spiritual Earth. Her wellbeing programmes help people find balance, peace, happiness and success. Calodagh’s work through Spiritual Earth is driven by her belief that when people are well, they do well. She works with a number of Fortune 500 companies, Government offices, entrepreneurs, small business owners and manufacturing and IT companies on their ‘Wellbeing at Work’ programmes. Calodagh is the founder of Rejuvenate Ireland, an event which brought together over 400 people in Wexford in June 2017 to celebrate and promote wellbeing for all. She also writes a weekly column on wellbeing for Independent regional publications around Ireland and she has been featured on RTE’s Nationwide.

Born in Dublin, Calodagh spent some of her childhood years in Bahrain in the Middle-East, sparking a lifelong interest in people, culture, travel and a humanitarian career. Calodagh worked as an aid worker for 14 years in Africa and Asia, helping people get their lives back on track after natural and man-made disasters. Working in these demanding and high-stress environments laid the foundations for Calodagh’s work with Spiritual Earth as a mentor and wellbeing expert. While living in India, Calodagh began to practice yoga, which led her to qualify as a Sivananda yoga teacher and later as a meditation and mindfulness teacher. She now holds regular wellbeing and meditation workshops and classes in Wexford and Waterford. She delivers Wellbeing at Work programmes (at her venue in Whitemill, Wexford and on-site around Ireland), specializing in bespoke programmes that address employees' and organisation's needs. Calodagh also provides mentoring and one-to-one life coaching sessions to help people reduce and effectively manage stress and anxiety for long-term wellbeing, happiness and success.

Through her work with individuals, businesses and organisations, Calodagh helps individuals and companies understand their own wellbeing and performances gaps and helps them understand how small adjustments can make a big difference to health and happiness. Calodagh gives people tools, solutions and strategies to get them closer to their potential mind, body and spirit.

The main benefits cited by clients are:

  • Improved sleep and vitality
  • Less stress and greater peace and joy
  • Better focus and habits
  • Alleviate depression and anxiety
  • Balanced blood pressure and thyroid
  • Effective time management
  • Ability and courage to realise dreams
  • Increased passion for life and living

Latest updates

Calodagh writes a regular blog and weekly article on wellbeing featured in Independent regional publications around Ireland. She has also been featured on RTE Nationwide and on various radio shows. If there's a wellbeing topic you'd like to know more about please get in touch info@spiritualearth.ie /em>


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