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Modern life is full of stresses. With so many weapons of mass distraction, developing the skills to find the off-button, relax and build focus are essential to health, happiness, success and wellbeing. The aim of yoga and meditation is to develop a strong, balanced and flexible mind. A strong, balanced and flexible mind can overcome any difficulty and make the most and best of every opportunity. Calodagh and Spiritual Earth offer a range of talks, workshops and programmes for individuals, organisations and businesses to help you thrive.

Wellbeing at work

When people are well they do well. Wellbeing at Work offers a range of solutions and programmes to help people be at their best at work and in life.

Wellbeing is a perfect solution to many of the stress-originating challenges of modern life and business, helping your employees and ultimately your organisation be at its best. A Well and thriving workforce is the foundation of a thriving profitable organisation.


Meditation is at its heart a very simple practice of focusing your awareness on something. Your breath, on a candle, an area of your body, physical movement or sound…the options are endless. Many people have different ideas about meditation – that it’s not for them, that it is difficult and that they have no time. If we have time to breathe, we have time to meditate.


Yoga means union – union of what? Union of mind, body and soul. When we feel balance and connected within, we naturally feel in harmony with the world around us. Over time, the practice brings us into alignment so that what we think, feel say and do are all pointing in the same direction. When our head, heart and hands work together, we feel happy, connected, strong and focused.


About Calodagh

Calodagh has a background in International Development and worked as a project manager and team leader in a range of emergency response and development programmes with International Non-Governmental Organisations in Angola, East Timor, Ethiopia, India and Swaziland from 1995 to 2008. She has been practicing yoga for 12 years. She learned yoga while living in India and is a qualified Sivananda yoga teacher. She travels regularly to India, spending time in the Himalayas to deepen her own practice and upgrade her teachings in wellbeing, yoga and meditation.

Upcoming classes, events & workshops

Spiritual Earth offers a range of wellbeing programmes for business, individuals and organisations. Programmes include weekly classes, bespoke business programmes and personal development workshops. For further information please contact us: info@spiritualearth.ie or 087 133 5230.


Latest updates

Calodagh writes a regular blog and weekly article on wellbeing featured in Independent regional publications around Ireland. She has also been featured on RTE Nationwide and on various radio shows. If there's a wellbeing topic you'd like to know more about please get in touch info@spiritualearth.ie /em>


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Top 12 Reasons to Meditate

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Friends and friendship

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