Our approach is holistic and develops total wellbeing – mental, physical, emotional, creative and social. Our programmes and services will help you get rid of what you don’t want – stress, fear, limitations, blocks, unhappiness and anxiety and develop the right mindset, tools, strategies and confidence to be at your best.  

About Spiritual Earth

Modern life is full of stresses. With so many weapons of mass distraction, developing skills to find the off-button, relax and build focus are essential to health, happiness and wellbeing. The aim of yoga and meditation is to develop a strong, balanced and flexible mind. If you can change your mind, you can change anything. The opposite is also true. Calodagh and Spiritual Earth offer a range of programmes for individuals, organisations and businesses to help you restore wellbeing, find balance and ultimately build focus, happiness and success and unlock your true potential.

Spiritual Earth works with a broad cross section of people and organisations. Delivering wellbeing programmes to business, Chambers of Commerce, entrepreneurs, schools and individuals. We help people develop focus, courage, peace, inner strength, productivity, health, wellbeing, happiness, purpose and ultimately confidence and success.