Rejuvenate Ireland

When people are well, they do well. Rejuvenate Ireland inspires, challenges and empowers people to be well and do well in life. Rejuvenate Ireland is making this happen by empowering leaders, companies and organizations to be well and at their best mentally, physically, emotionally, creatively and socially so Ireland can thrive.

Rejuvenate Ireland was founded by Calodagh McCumiskey. Spiritual Earth was the lead organiser of the campaign and events in association with Wexford Chamber of Commerce and Wexford County Council. For more information on Rejuvenate Ireland visit:

Rejuvenate Ireland celebration of International Day of Yoga June 21st 2017.

Two events, 13 speakers, 430 attendees, from India, the United States, England and from all over Ireland from Dublin to Galway, Kerry to Cavan and Armagh to Wicklow and many more from far and near with one vision – of wellbeing for all.

Attendees who ranged from young to old, and included entrepreneurs, students, families, corporate staff, retirees, differently abled-people and public representatives – people from all sectors of society heard from speakers including Steve Black (Motivational Speaker), Her Excellency Mrs Vijay Thakur Singh, Indian Ambassador to Ireland, Gordon D’Arcy (Retired Rugby Player and Investment Manager), Tracy Piggott (Sports broadcaster) David Bloch (Managing Director of Brightwater), David Forde (Professional Goalkeeper) and Colin Regan (Community and Health Officer, GAA) who shared their insights and wisdom from business, sport, media and more. Sharing inspiring stories of turning struggles to success, the speakers conveyed powerful messages of wellbeing and gave plenty of food for thought and practical advice to inspire and empower attendees.

Our speakers shared many powerful stories and insights. Enjoy some advice from them:
"Yoga is actually a holistic approach to life that brings about unity – mind, body and intellect, that brings about oneness with nature."
Her Excellency Mrs Vijay Thakur Singh, Indian Ambassador to Ireland.

"Mindfulness is for me a state of contentment, it’s how I have peace of mind. It allows you to focus and concentrate on what you want to achieve in all areas and all aspects of your life."
David Forde, Professional Goalkeeper.

"Irish people are beautiful but naturally suspicious. Suspicion is fear based. Until we deal with our fear of each other, we will not know our true potential. We should not be afraid to express ourselves, investigate ourselves and make ourselves count."
Dennis Curran, Motivational Speaker.

"Hold onto your dreams. Follow your intuition. Doubt your doubts not your ideas!"
Liam Griffin, Chair Griffin Hotel Group.

"Life’s all about relationships. Help others and let them help you."
Steve Black, Motivational Speaker.

"Social responsibility is just that. It’s my responsibility and your responsibility to act sustainably and responsibly….to look after the wellbeing of yourself and of others."
Madeleine Quirke, CEO Wexford Chamber.

On coping with the pressures in the business world that are less obvious than those in the sporting world: "Looking after your wellbeing both mental and physical is incredibly important."
Gordon D'Arcy, Investment Manger with Investec.

"Yoga also acts as a powerful medium to explore our inner self and find the true harmony between the mind and the body. In a world full of stresses and conflicts, it helps individuals to find the inner peace. It is hoped that the scheduled events in Wexford will help everyone to get a better understanding of the world of Yoga and realise the holistic wellness and peace offered by it.' in a letter to Calodagh
His Excellency Mr Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India