Meditation and Mindfulness, Wexford

Meditation is a powerful tool to relax, energize, de-stress and focus. Originating thousands of years ago it is now used by many people across the world to help them enjoy and make the most of life. Meditation has many forms and can be adapted by anyone. Calodagh’s weekly classes introduce various meditation and mindfulness practices that promote sleep and relaxation, improve focus, motivation and vitality, alleviate pain and symptoms of anxiety and depression and build confidence to name a few. Classes are suitable for beginners and one-on-one sessions are also available.


Spiritual Earth, Allied Hub, Whitemill, Wexford Y35 XR22
Meditation and Mindfulness for Happiness and Success - 8 week programme on Tuesday evenings (7.30pm-9pm) or Wednesday morning (11am-12.30pm) from September 18th and 19th

Meditation for Mind, Body and Soul - 10 module programme beginning Wednesday September 19th 2018, 7.30-9.30pm
Investment €120 for 8 weeks
Meditation for Happiness and Success €120 for 8 week programme