Wellbeing at Work

In Ireland, over 80% of employees are suffering with increased stress levels leading to compromised problem solving, poor communication, ineffective work strategies, increased costs, frustration, low morale, chronic disease and absenteeism.  Organisations who take action to support their employees well-being create an environment in which individuals, teams and organisations thrive. Using ancient practices validated by modern science we offer a range of programmes to assess and address your needs so that you, your staff and organisation can thrive. With a range of programmes including introductory talks, themed workshops, staff care days and organisational wellbeing strategies we will work with you to help your staff and organisation be their best.


At our venue in Whitemill, Wexford, or at your office or a location of your choice anywhere in Ireland.

We offer a range of programmes available as one-off programmes or at regular intervals during the year. Dates and times will be planned to fit in with your priorities.
Contact info@spiritualearth.ie or + 353 87 133 5230 to bring Wellbeing in the heart of your organisation. Prepare to Thrive.