Wellbeing at Work

Wellbeing at Work is a high-performance strategy that pays. When people are well they do well. Happy, healthy and engaged employees work harder and smarter, directly improving your bottom line.

Why wellbeing at work?

When people are well, they do well. The most important asset of your business or organisation is your people. When your employees are happy, healthy and engaged, they perform better at work. Work pressures and other challenges in modern life and the workplace have a tendency to leave many employees stressed, disengaged and out of balance, preventing optimal performance leading to a 'performance gap'.


Wellbeing at Work is an approach that brings balance to the workplace helping companies and employees be at their best. Investing in a Wellbeing at Work programme gives your employees the tools to reduce and effectively manage stress, find balance, improve wellbeing and develop their strengths so they can realise their potential. Research shows that when companies give employees what they want - purpose, connection, balance and belonging - they perform better. Companies on Fortune’s list of ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ have outperformed Standard & Poor’s 500 stock index by almost two to one over the last 20 years.


Excellence and high performance is generally achieved in two ways: 1) through excessive stress and burnout or 2) through employing effective strategies that energise, motivate and grow people so that they are at their best at work, rest and play. While getting the most out of employees might result in short term success, burnout is costly and inefficient for business.


Wellbeing at Work is a high-performance business strategy: employees who are happy, connected, focused and engaged work better, fulfil their potential, and together create a thriving organisation.

The Spiritual Earth Approach

At Spiritual Earth, we design and deliver Wellbeing at Work programmes that help staff, teams and organisations thrive. We believe in the value of diversity and we understand that all individuals have strengths and merits, but also gaps and obstacles in their mindset and habits that can hinder optimal performance and enjoyment in life.


Our bespoke wellbeing programmes address the many pillars of wellbeing: physical, intellectual, emotional, social and creative. We give your employees what they need by designing programmes based on staff surveys. We consult with management to assess the needs of the organisation and set goals for the programme. Everything from one-hour talks, to half and full day workshops, staff care days and wellbeing programmes delivered over weeks and months can be catered for.


Each individual will be helped to reduce and effectively manage stress, improve personal wellbeing, enhance their performance and develop leadership skills. They will learn mindful practices derived from ancient traditions to help them reset, and feel peace and inner strength and motivation to be and do better. They will learn how to focus their energy to better understand themselves and others so they can grow individually and as part of a team. We encourage our clients to monitor and measure the success of our Wellbeing at Work programme by assessing performance and output over time. We survey staff attitudes to work and wellbeing at the start to plan and tailor the programme and follow up afterwards to evaluate changes and assess benefits providing feedback to management.


Wellbeing at Work is not just about having a mindfulness class at lunchtime; it is about feeding people’s spirit and creating an environment where each individual can grow and make a difference. Improving the wellness of your staff will help you get the best out of your people, encourage and celebrate diversity, retain talented individuals and in turn help your business or organisation thrive. It’s time to put wellbeing at the heart of your business.

Contact us today to arrange your free wellbeing consultation and discovery how we can help you minimise 'performance gaps' and boost the health, happiness and performance of your team.

Our programmes

We specialise in bespoke organisational wellbeing strategies. By conducting a baseline needs analysis we will assess the wellbeing of teams, the organisational culture, and identify sources of stress, or challenges that may be compromising wellbeing and performance. We will then recommend solutions to help you address your unique performance gaps and promote a culture where employees are engaged, motivated, challenged and happy.

Our solutions can include:

  • Talks on a range of wellbeing related topics e.g. introduction to wellbeing, effective stress management, boost your resilience, creating a happy and successful life, nutrition
  • Series of Talks responding to actual needs of survey and management
  • Practical tools and thinking strategies for high performance
  • Support resources that employees can access at home (e.g. podcasts on a range of wellbeing themes and short audio meditations that help staff destress and aid in sleep, relaxation, concentration and wellbeing and bespoke articles with tips and insights)
  • Meditation and Mindfulness at Work for happiness and high performance
  • Bespoke programmes for leaders and management
  • Organisational strategy development with management
  • Staff wellbeing days and Weeks

We regularly monitor programme effectiveness and adjust to meet needs and goals

We also offer introductory wellbeing sessions, short talks/ workshops on a range of wellbeing areas (e.g. Effective Habits, Improving your sleep, Teambuilding, Meditation to Motivate), staff wellbeing days/ weeks and one-to-one consultations.

"We are a team of people who work collaboratively and co-operatively on a wide range of events and services as directed by our Members. We recently participated in a nine session programme with Calodagh McCumiskey of Spiritual Earth and had 100% attendance throughout the programme. Calodagh carefully created a wellbeing and coaching programme for Wexford Chamber. The directive was to assist in the personal development and growth of our organisation in order that our business continue to run at its most effective and productive level. Our staff are our greatest asset and this coaching has helped boost morale, improve communication and in turn has created a very enthusiastic team of people who are refocused on turning out high quality work. Spiritual Earth, through Calodagh, is a highly professional and experienced organisation. I am very happy to recommend this valuable resource to anybody who is focused on looking after their staff and rewarding them/re-engaging with them in order to maintain enthusiasm and productivity. They are worth it!"
Madeline Quirke, CEO Wexford Chamber