Wellbeing at Work

When people are well they do well. Happy, healthy and engaged employees work harder and smarter, directly improving your bottom line.

What is wellbeing at work?

When people are well they do well. Wellbeing at Work offers a range of solutions and programmes to help people be at their best at work and in life.


In recent decades, we’ve seen dramatic shifts in employment patterns and lifestyles with pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals and computers, electrics and optics now amongst the top 5 revenue generators in Ireland (IDA). Sedentary lifestyles, stress, the rapid evolution of the workplace, the role of technology, and the increased pace of life is bringing many new challenges. Consistency, adaptability and innovation are critical for sustained business performance and profits. Wellbeing at Work gives solutions and tools that empower management and employees with the values, understanding and resources needed to help them manage increased demands at work and in the world, work well in a team, consistently deliver and be valuable ambassadors for your organisation.


The Spiritual Earth Wellbeing at Work programmes are bespoke and uniquely designed to address your organisation’s needs and to develop and strengthen the many pillars of wellbeing - mental, physical, emotional, social, creative and financial – helping your employees, teams and management, to feel well, be well and do well in life. Wellbeing is a perfect solution to many of the stress-originating challenges of modern life and business, helping your employees and ultimately your organisation be at its best. A Well and thriving workforce is the foundation of a thriving profitable organisation.

Why wellbeing at work?

Wellbeing is no longer a nice to have but a need to have (Harvard Business Review). In Ireland, over 80% of employees are suffering with increased stress levels (Mercer 2015), leading to knock-on effects on personal wellbeing, performance and increased costs to the organisation. When people are stressed, some get anxious, some become depressed, others exhausted even leading to burn-out and others get sick or a combination of the four. Seven out of ten employees are likely to stay longer with employers interested in their wellbeing, while one in two would consider leaving those who don’t support their wellbeing (IBEC, 2017).

Stress is predicted to be the leading cause of chronic illness in high-income countries by 2030 (Healthy Ireland 2015). Stress compromises decision making, communication, increases mistakes and causes physical disease (Harvard Business Review 2017, WHO). With over 4 million days lost to absenteeism in Ireland in small businesses alone looking after your employee health has never been so important. If you want a workforce that can consistently deliver it is important that you put wellbeing at the heart of what you do. Wellbeing at work improves performance, effectiveness and leadership of staff as well as being an effective stress management tool and boosting physical and mental wellbeing.

Wellbeing at work for you

Spiritual Earth will work with you to assess your and your staff needs, devise a plan and implement it so that you and your organisation thrive. From one off talks to staff well-being days or weeks, to organisation wellbeing plans assisting employees and managers on a regular basis we have a range of products to help employees effectively manage stress, solve problems, focus, and develop leadership and capacity. If you want a workforce that can consistently deliver, excel, innovate and be at the top of their game get in touch to boost the wellbeing and performance of your most valuable asset – your people today. Contact +353 87 133 5230 or email info@spiritualearth.ie to build your wellbeing strategy today! 

Talks, workshops and programmes

Spiritual Earth specializes in bespoke programmes specifically designed to address you and your organisation's needs and goals. Our wellbeing programmes will help you and your team effectively manage stress, boost leadership and performance and promote overall physical and mental wellbeing, bringing sustainable success and boosting your bottom-line.

Call us now (+353 87 133 5230) to book a consultation to put wellbeing at the heart of your organisation. Some of our more popular programmes include:

  • The nature of wellbeing
  • The building blocks to happiness and high performance
  • Team building, 1+1=11
  • Meditate to motivate
  • Reset your clock, reboot your life
  • Embracing, maintaining and sustaining change
  • Real well-th balance, develop, thrive

"We are a team of people who work collaboratively and co-operatively on a wide range of events and services as directed by our Members. We recently participated in a nine session programme with Calodagh McCumiskey of Spiritual Earth and had 100% attendance throughout the programme. Calodagh carefully created a wellbeing and coaching programme for Wexford Chamber. The directive was to assist in the personal development and growth of our organisation in order that our business continue to run at its most effective and productive level. Our staff are our greatest asset and this coaching has helped boost morale, improve communication and in turn has created a very enthusiastic team of people who are refocused on turning out high quality work. Spiritual Earth, through Calodagh, is a highly professional and experienced organisation. I am very happy to recommend this valuable resource to anybody who is focused on looking after their staff and rewarding them/re-engaging with them in order to maintain enthusiasm and productivity. They are worth it!"
Madeline Quirke, CEO Wexford Chamber